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Two guys in the woods is about two guys, that sometime go into the woods, occasionally together. Our website is dedicated to backpacking, camping gadgets, and adventure stories around the camp fire. Mostly it’s an excuse for us to go on hikes, look at camping stuff, and chat.

As Tolkien aficionados we’ve always joked that one of of us is called to by the mountains (hence the dwarf) and one of us the sea (hence the elf). Now that we have hobbits of our own, it’s a chance to share what we’ve learned (from the mistakes we’ve made).

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Getting Ready for Summer – 2023 Edition

Getting Ready for Summer – 2023 Edition

So far, 2023 has been a far cry from last year. While the winter of 2021-2022 came in with a well above average snow pack and a long cool spring. 2022-2023 has been nearly the opposite. Low mountain snow levels combined with record temperatures in May have put us...

Outdoor Systems – Part 2 – The 10+2 Outdoor Systems

Outdoor Systems – Part 2 – The 10+2 Outdoor Systems

In my last article I introduced the concept of outdoor systems and why it's important to think of them as a way to solve problems or mitigate risks.  Personally, I use a slightly modified version of the 10 essential systems.  The first 10 of these are important for...

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