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by | Feb 27, 2016 | Youth

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Both the Dwarf and I are Scouters with Cub Scouts (we are no longer called Scout Leaders). I had our Winter Cub Camp last weekend and while camp was crazy at times, it was super fun and I know the kids had a blast. Not only did they get a ton of exercise and fresh air, they learned useful skills, and they also had a lot of fun doing it.

On top of snowball fights, sledding, a tubing excursion, making snow ice cream and playing in the snow (lots of playing in the snow), they also built snow shelters, learned about hypothermia, frostbite, and proper clothing, and did a bunch of snowshoeing, and the kids always enjoy the camp fire activities. I know it was good for the kids because some of the kids that have trouble falling asleep were out cold before we could administer their sleep “medication”, so there’s that to.

Scouts and Girl Guides are great for kids and they have great facilities in great locations all over the world, so get your kids involved, and if you get a chance, go to camp with them (some of them are pretty luxurious as far as “camping” goes). There is plenty of fun and adventures to be had, plus how do you argue with their mission:

To help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world. 

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