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Dwarf & Elf

Welcome to our site.

Two guys in the woods is about two guys, that sometime go into the woods, occasionally together. This site is dedicated to backpacking, camping gadgets, and adventure stories around the camp fire. Mostly it’s an excuse for us to go on hikes, look at camping stuff, and chat.

As Tolkien aficionados we’ve always joked that one of of us is called to by the mountains (hence the dwarf) and one of us the sea (hence the elf). Now that we have hobbits of our own, it’s a chance to share what we’ve learned (from the mistakes we’ve made).






the dwarf

the dwarf - about us - Two Guys in the Woods

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, some of my fondest memories are of camping, hiking and backpacking in Kananaskis and the Mountain Parks.

25 years later (my god has it been that long), I still recall vividly the first time I climbed the head-wall into Three Isle Lake and cooking hot dogs on the top of Heart Mountain.

After spending 12 years in Ottawa I returned to Calgary in 2012 and decided to pick off where I left off by roping my closest friends into some new back-country adventures (some more fun than others).

I’m a father of two hobbits ages 10 and 11 and try to get them out into the wilderness as often as I can.

Being involved with Scouts Canada as a Cub Leader and the Outdoor Council of Canada, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and getting out hiking, camping, backpacking, snowshoeing and skiing

the elf

the elf - About us - Two Guys in the Woods

I’m a father of two hobbits (2 and 9, don’t ask) who likes to keep active. Along with being a Scouter with Scouts Canada, I enjoy hiking, backpacking, skiing, paddling, bouldering, and dreaming of adventures yet to come.