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Meet Kelly & Heiko

A selfie to start the trip
As Tolkien aficionados, we’ve always joked that one of us is called to by the mountains (hence the dwarf) and one of us the sea (hence the elf).

Now that we have hobbits of our own, it’s a chance to share what we’ve learned (from the mistakes we’ve made). Read more ...


For the protection of wildlife and people, a 15km no-stopping zone is now in effect on Highway 93 South in Kootenay National Park between McKay Creek Operations Centre and Settler’s Road.
For more info:

Kananaskis Backcountry Bingo has been updated for 2022. Details on all of the backcountry campgrounds in Kananaskis @Albertaparks @TourismCanmore #backpacking #Camping #Alberta

Happy birthday, Kootenay National Park!

This national park was created on this day in 1920 and first known as the Kootenay Dominion Park. It is one of the seven contiguous national and provincial parks forming the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site.

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Our Backpacking Trail Reports are mainly from Western Canada and the United States.

Our 2020 & 2021 backpacking hiking on the Great Divide Trail. View our planning and trail reports for sections A-G.