Reflect Sleeping Bag / Bivvy

Introducing the NEW Reflect Sleeping Bag / Bivvy

The new affordable $75 ultra-light sleeping bag with breathable heat reflective technology that is windproof and water resistant for a warm night’s sleep in a tent or under the stars. Order Now

Sleeping bags are an essential piece of gear for camping but they are usually bulky and heavy, or they are very expensive. We carry ours bags on our backs for days at a time and we wondered if there was a better way. There is. The Reflect sleeping bag is lightweight, compact, warm and at $75 is still affordable while also being strong and weatherproof enough to be a bivvy.

Breathable Heat Reflective Technology

Keep warmer by retaining 90% of the heat your body already generates, but be breathable so you stay comfortable, for a good night’s sleep. Think of the Reflect sleeping bag as a space blanket crossed with a sleeping bag, but way better, more breathable, and without any of that mylar crinkle.

Ultralight & Compact

By using modern materials to reflect your heat back to you, we need less insulation which means a smaller and lighter bag for you. Just enough insulation to provide fluffy comfort while you sleep but also creating a barrier between you and the cold air outside. Carry all the warmth without all the weight and bulk of traditional bags.

Windproof and Water Resistant

While these may not be important inside a tent, what if you decided to sleep out under the stars? What if you wanted to go ultra-light and leave the tent behind? The Reflect bag gives you the durable option of sleeping under the stars without the fear of weather or damage.


Usually the lighter and more compact gear is the more expensive it gets, it costs more to get less. By combining our backcountry experience with modern materials we can make a warmer bag with less weight for $75. The future is here and it’s affordable.

The Reflect sleeping bag is an affordable $75 lightweight compact sleeping bag / bivvy for those who want to affordably carry more warmth with less weight while camping in a tent, a hammock or under the stars.